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Dear customers, if you do not find a lighting on our website that exactly matches your expectations, don't worry, we now have customized services!



You are very fond of the lightings on our website, but the size or color cannot fully satisfy you?

No worries!

Just provide the SKU of the lighting you need to customize (as shown below), and then contact to start the customization service.

Fully customized

No lights on our website that match your needs?

Or you want more personalized lightings that are not duplicated by others?

Or you want the lightings with your own logo for your company?

At 7pmhome, all that can be achieved!

To start a personal customization, just bring the lighting picture that you want to customize, and then contact communicate the details of the customization.

Want more information?

Feel free to contact us via the information below. Or click here.

Phone:  1-800-557-3009